I got a lot of tomatoes this week from the garden! I chopped and froze them to enjoy later in the year.  I’m also really surprised and happy with my green peppers. The hot peppers aren’t doing too bad either! The squash doesn’t look that great, but that’s ok. Here are photos from this week



I got some peaches and blackberries from the farmers market this week along with onions and some strawberry jelly, yum!




Before Pictures – we had a big storm last weekend that did some damage on the garden. My tomato plants are extremely tall this year (standing next to the plants they are taller than me) so the cages really did nothing for them!


Tomato plants laying on their side due to high winds

Tomato plants laying on their side due to high winds



After photos – Used wooden stakes and wire to prop the plants back up. The zucchini plants were rotting away due to various factors and the ahpids had mad a permanant home there so I had to tear them out. The remaining two plants are squash and they aren’t looking so hot.

Garden after staking and cleaning out weeds

Garden after staking and cleaning out weeds



This is what I picked today


Believe it or not the green peppers are doing great this year. I’ve never had good luck with those in the past but this year they are doing great. Some of the tomatoes still need to ripen so I will leave them out for a few days. The peppers are also doing great. I’ll try to make some salsa later this week.


My garden 6/26/09 – You can see its completely out of control. The tomato plants are taller than I am and the squash and zucchini are over growing. Notice the garden next to mine, quite a difference.

6/28/09 Garden

6/28/09 Garden


The garden next to mine

The garden next to mine


June 21, 2009

I got my first zucchinni from the garden this weeked!!!!

First crop 09

First crop 09

I know it looks small and puny. I thought the same thing. The squash and zucchinni  plants continue to be out of control .They are literally overtaking the garden like some sort of monster. The problem is I’ve noticed Japanese Beetles on them . EWWW!! I hate that insect! They have a disgusting shiny green shell and they fly. Yuck!!! These things have also been gnawing on my basil plant and leaving their excrement behind. DOUBLE EWWWW!!! I haven’t had the nerve to deal with that yet. Anyway, back to the garden, the squash and zucchini plants have some white powdery stuff on the leaves. I’m sure this is due to the fact it has hardly stopped raining here for a 24 hour period. I’m going to call the extension office Monday to see if I can talk to a Master Gardener about this problem.

The tomato plants are also growing, there are some tomatoes but they are still green. So I will continue to wait for those!


June 13, 2009

My squash and zuchini look like they are on steroids!!! One of the other gardeners asked me how I got mine to grow that big because she planted hers at the same time I did. The only thing  I can think that did it was the epsom salts! That seems to have made a huge difference this year. I should have some squash and zuchini soon, hopefully a few tomatoes too!



Not sure what is going on with this tomato plant here— it looks dead but it still produced some cherry tomatoes and has blooms? I’ll let it go and see what happens.



May 25, 2009 – Here is an update of my garden. We got some big storms this weekend and everything seems to be growing nicely. I need to spend a little more time getting rid of the weeds!

There are blooms on the tomatoes, peppers and squash and zuchinni!


This is the plot next to me, I feel bad for the person who has to weed this!



May 13, 2009. I love to garden! Not only do I love to grow my own veggies, I like the process of it all. I like doing the work of getting it ready and watching it grow!

I’ve started my garden this year at our community garden. We have approximately 30 plots.

Community Garden

Community Garden

It looks a little barren right now, but we’ve had so much rain here its been hard to find a few days in a row where it was dry enough to plant. I was lucky enough to get my garden in the first weekend in May. I have tomatoes, hot peppers, onions, squash, zuchinni, and 1 bell pepper plant. I have never had much luck with bell peppers but I bought 1 plant this year just to try my luck again.


I also have a herb & flower garden on my porch.

Here are my herb plants. I have cilantro, thyme, chives, lavender, lemon, & oregano

Herbs grown in a strawberry pot

Herbs grown in a strawberry pot

This is my herbs & flowers

Herbs & Flowers

Herbs & Flowers

I also have some lettuce growing in a planter w/ catnip & stevia. The catnip was a bad idea, the cat loves to walk along the legdge to get to it, makes me a nervous wreck so I had to move it.



I also have a cyclamen plant this year, I’ve noticed it attracts hummingbirds which both the cat and I love. The cat loves to chase it (from indoors) and I love to watch them! I planted Rosemary & Basil in the larger pot because they are my favorite herbs and I’m hoping they grow pretty big.

Cyclamen & Basil/Rosemary Herbs

Cyclamen & Basil/Rosemary Herbs

Those are my plants for 2009! I’ll update them as the summer goes on.


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