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Missouri Farmers Feed Us

Whether you’re enjoying a mouth-watering platter of burnt ends and ribs, or a “Prosperity sandwich” followed by some delicious gooey butter cake, farmers from across the state work hard so Missouri families and those around the world can enjoy their favorite foods.

“Show Me State” residents, we invite you to spend time getting to know us and our families. Watch us at work and take a quick tour of our farms so you can learn more about our dedication to growing safe food, and raising healthy crops and livestock, while protecting and conserving the land.

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Are you familiar with this concept? Its a great way to get a variety of fruits and veggies throughout the summer/fall -with hardly any work on your part! Each CSA operates a little differently so if you are interested in this concept, check around in your area. You might be surprised with what you find!! I will be going through Terripin Farms in Lorraine, IL for my CSA in 2010. Since its just me so I will probably do 1/2 order.

From the Terripin Farms Blog:

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for community supported agriculture. A CSA is a unique opportunity to connect with local farmers to obtain fresh, local produce. Here’s how the CSA partnership works:> Members, or shareholders, of the CSA pay for the growing season in advance to cover farming expenses such as seeds, labor, supplies, etc.> we devote our time and energy to growing an entire season of fresh produce for the CSA members.> Members receive a weekly basket of fresh, local produce from June through the second week of October.

Also a newsletter with tips on how to cook prepare and freeze or can excess. The news letter will also contain the happenings of the farm from week to week. You are also Welcome to visit the farm at any time we will have a end of the year pumpkin party and pot luck dinner for our CSA members Please bring the kids! We welcome you to come see the farm anytime.

How it works:

How does the CSA work?

Members purchase shares in advance and then receive a basket of fresh, local, and in season produce each week throughout the season.

What can I expect in my basket?

Each week you can expect a wide variety of in-season, delicious produce. One share will contain enough vegetables to feed a family of Four per week A half share is suitable for two adults.

Where will we pick up our produce?
At the O’Fallon MO farmers and artist market. Sat morings from 8:00 to 10:00

How much does it cost?

A full share is $575. This provides enough produce for two adults and 2 small children unless you eat a lot of vegetables over the 22 week season. A 1/2 share option costs $375.

How many shares are available?
We are again limiting the number of available member shares to 25. Membership enrollment is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

How can I become a member?
For more information contact Jessica Dyer at (217) 440-4678 or It is customary for members of a CSA to pay for their share of produce in advance. This enables the growers to buy seed and equipment before the season begins, thus reducing the burden of up-front costs for the grower.

You can read more about Terripin Farms on their LocalHarvest page or their blog here.

I will still have my garden at my new house. I hope to do more herbs this year and maybe start some asparagus and a small strawberry patch for future years!

O’Fallon has a Farmers Market!!!!

Greetings everyone! I’ve been away from blogging for a few weeks, not really sure how time got away from me this long so I’ll make up for it with extra posts today 🙂

I was so excited to find out that O’Fallon, MO now has a farmers market! It runs Saturday mornings through October from 7-11 am. Its located in the parking lot of the TR Hughes ballpark. I went this last Saturday and was super excited about my findings:

Sorry about the quality of the picture, I took it with my cell phone and forgot to snap one with the good camera.

2- Rosemary scented votive candles

1-zuchinni muffin (it didn’t look that great but it was the BEST muffin I’ve had in a long time!)



Chili mix in bag

Beeswax lip balm

Patchouli Goatsmilk Soap

7/18/09 Farmers Market

7/18/09 Farmers Market

I spent a little under $14 and was happy to do so. I like buying local when I can and I wanted to support as many people as I could at the Farmers Market to be sure they keep coming back.

I was also very excited to learn that Janes House of Yoga offers free yoga at 9 am on the grassy area of the by the market!! I’m so excited to do this and best of all its FREE!!!

I’m going to continue shopping at the Farmers Market through the summer/fall and would encourage anyone in the area to give it a try! There were approximately 15 vendors there offering everything from the regular fruits/vegetables to herbal teas, honey, baked goods, glassware, jewelry and more!