My name is Jenny and I’m addicted to saving money.

I love to find ways to save money! So that’s what you’ll read about the most on my blog. Of course, you’ll get a few random bits here and there about other things I find interesting but mostly I like to document my journey with saving money.

I have done a little bit of everything in the financial industry over my career. I was a lender for 7 years handling commercial, consumer and residential loans.  I am also licensed to sell life/health and property/casulaty insurance in the state of MO. I have an undergraduate degree in Ag-Business with a minor in Agronomy (plant science–see my gardening page!) and a MBA from Lindenwood University.

I teach a budgeting course at the community college called “The Basics of Budgeting”. I love teaching this class and sharing my knowledge on saving money. I got the idea from my days as a lender, people would come into my office and ask me “how much can I afford for a house”? WHAT?!?! You should know this!!! I was shocked people put so much trust in the lender to tell them what to buy. It really bothered me too. So after some planning and more planning…the budgeting class was born.

I started finding deals out of necessity, now I do it because its fun 🙂 It’s a game to me and a little bit rewarding to walk out of a store and be able to save so much money. Mostly everything I do is about saving money first. Helping the environment is secondary to me but I consider it an added bonus! I’m not a tree-hugger and I don’t want to be, I’m just a person trying to save money and live a little bit of a simple life.

My hobbies are yoga, animals, reading, apple tv, gardening, podcasts, trying new recipes, finding new ways to save money and keeping my cat Toby happy. I recently became a Shaklee Distributor because I love the products, so that has been keeping me busy.  I obviously love coupons too! I’m not a writer but I’m trying to be. I hope you learn something from what you read!


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  1. Thanks for the link in your blogroll!!

  2. thejennypincher

    Your welcome!! Thought it was a great article!!!

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