What moving looks like

Well I made it!!!! Last Thursday/Friday – I FINALLY got moved out of my condo!!! I really questioned if it was ever going to end because I had SO MUCH stuff! It just kept coming and coming and I really don’t know where it came from!!! I am just one person (with a cat) living in a 978 square foot condo. How is it that I couldn’t fit all my stuff in the largest pod available!!!!! AHHH!!!

I finally got it done though, but wow, it was a lot worse than I expected!!!

I decided to go with a POD because, of course, I was trying to save some money. I was actually happy with the company and how it all worked. I found a code online (big surprise) from Retailmenot.com which allowed me to save 10% on the original drop off and first months rent. Not a bad deal.  So for the pod drop off, one month storage, and then drop off again at my new house, the total was approximately $300. Well worth it to me! I would recommend using pods to anyone who is looking to save money on moving. I went with the largest pod available 8x8x16 – so if you have a lot of stuff, you may need 2 of these!

Here are some pictures of my moving process and my hotel room.I have 12 more days until I close on my new house! Not that I’m counting or anything 🙂 So in between I’m staying at an extended stay hotel. Its not too bad, but you know, its not home! Here are a few pictures of my room. I had to store stuff here because I just ran out of places to put things! Yes I know I have too much stuff!

Now I’m just waiting until I move, I’ll post more pictures of the new house soon! I can’t wait to show you all my backyard and garden area!


3 responses to “What moving looks like

  1. Congrats on your new home! Your condo looks like my home, only you’re moving and I’m not! Take care and stay blessed.

  2. Good luck moving everything into the house, when the time comes. Husband and I rented a SAM unit when we moved, since we didn’t have a new location picked out when we sold. It’s the same as a POD, I think similar in size too. We were able to put all furniture and the majority of boxes into 1 unit..we only had about 20 boxes that we put in my Mom’s basement (where we lived in-between houses). I’m guessing we just don’t have a lot of stuff since we got most of it in one unit, although it sure seemed like it..especially with all my scrapbooking and book boxes. haha! Luckily we hired movers to move things into the unit and again to move them out of the unit, otherwise moving all the books would have sucked.

  3. thejennypincher

    Thanks! Yes it was pretty brutal giving it was only 20 degrees out!

    I just have too much stuff! I’m planning to have a yardsale this spring!

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