Shameless Plug

Hello Readers!

I am still in the process of moving, I forgot how bad it was to move!

I wanted to let all of my readers know I have recently become a Shaklee distributor. Don’t worry, this blog will not turn into me trying to sell you Shaklee products!! I had some health issues in the past 6 months and with some changes in my diet and Shaklee vitamins, I feel like a new person!!

If anyone is interested in learning more about the Shaklee products or business opportunity, please feel free to contact me through the blog or by email jennykerr at gmail dot com.

My website is:

You can also fan me on facebook here

I have some special incentives for my blog readers so please contact me to learn more 🙂

I hope to be moved and settled by the end of Feb 2010 so the blog will resume then! Just in time for spring and gardening, I can’t wait!


One response to “Shameless Plug

  1. Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog while looking at a
    Shaklee alert….I like your straight shooting, up front style of writing.
    Its almost like talking to you in person..
    And u cover a whole lot of subjects too! I am in the process
    of renewing my website and building an on line business.
    I am a life long health nut and nature boy…also interested
    in spirituality, psychology, theology, music, and art etc. etc.
    This crazy internet has really opened up things and made the
    world a lot smaller…yeah there is a bible verse for that too!
    Hope your move goes good and yes nothing like spring and
    the first buds start to emerge….I am going to ask u to be my friend on Facebook because u are terribly interesting..
    and I will follow your blog.too….Harv

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