Menu Plan Monday week of June 8th

I really do hate Mondays.  Actually I hate Sunday nights just as bad because that means the week is right around the corner and the weekends are never long enough!!!

Things are especially stressful for me right now becuase  I am listing my condo for sale this week and looking to buy a house. Oh how I loathe the thought of all the disorganziation that comes with moving! But to be in a home all of my own is exciting. I have a long way to go and I’m just getting started.

Since things are a little hectic around here I am glad I spent some time doing OAMC (once a month cooking). You can read about my experience here . I have my meals planned out for another 4 weeks so that is one less thing for me to worry about!!! Since I’m planning on moving, I probably won’t be doing much shopping because that is just more for me to move 🙂

Also, I want to say a great big JennyPincher HI to those from the All You Daily savings blog. Many off you were linked to my site from the Kraft hotdog give away. Thanks for reading!


This is my menu plan for the week:


Lunch: goulash, corn, apple

Dinner: meatloaf, baked potato, fruit salad


Lunch:Burritos w/ spanish rice

Dinner: scrambled eggs, bacon and kashi blueberry waffles


Lunch: beef stroganoff, peas, orange

Dinner: Chicken & noodles w/ vegetable


Lunch: Homemade hot pocket, apple

Dinner: Leftover burrito w/ rice


Lunch: Possibly lunch out w/ co-workers

Dinner: Scraps! Whatever is leftover from the week

For more organziational tips, check out Have a great week everyone!


One response to “Menu Plan Monday week of June 8th

  1. yestheyareallmine

    LOL I always look forward to moving. It gives me a chance to go through things, clean out and reorganize.

    Great menu. 🙂

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