Menu Plan Monday Week of June 1st


Well its almost Monday again, the weekend went to fast as usual! I am happy that its Sunday night and I don’t feel like I have my normal list of 50 things left to do at 10 pm lol.

Last week was kind of my slacker week becuase I wasn’t feeling that great most of the week. I have a pretty light week this week, no shopping planned and no meetings.  yay!!!


Lunch-Lasagna, asparagus, french bread – orange

Dinner-Tomato/Basil/ Mozzarella on french bread – apple


Lunch- Out

Dinner- Chicken/Tomato/Basil/ Mozzarella on french bread- strawberries


Lunch- Calzone, salad, strawberries

Dinner- Lasagna, salad, fruit salad


Lunch-  Chicken quesidillas, fruit

Dinner- Chicken/walnut/raspberry salad


Lunch- Chicken quesidillas

Dinner- Scraps (whatever is left from the week!)


One response to “Menu Plan Monday Week of June 1st

  1. I really laughed at your 50 things to do at 10pm comment because that is how I feel everynight!

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