Walgreens trip 5/31

I had some rr that were going to expire this week and to be honest with you, I don’t need a darn thing. Pretty much all of my areas where I stash my stockpile are on overload mode so I need to start using somethings up and probably won’t be shopping for awhile. My $500 challenge starts tomorrow too!!! So I will really be watching my spending to see if I really need it.

Today’s trip consisted mostly of practical items that I can use in cooking. I didn’t want to get any rr this week b/c I don’t feel like keeping track of them and trying to use them when, like I said, I don’t need anything!

The one exception this week will be the breeze 2 meters which are giving $10 rr’s. If I can find them, I will get a couple.

6 baking soda

2 mushrooms

1 olives

1 pkg 1,000 rubber bands

2 – 5 lb domino sugar

Total oop $1.59




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