The casino paid for my groceries!

People are always surprised to hear that I like to gamble. I guess I can’t help it, the thrill of winning money just gets me every time. Since I’m a frequent gambler, I get the casino cash coupons mailed to me good for $xx per week. For the past 2 months, I have gotten coupons good for $19 in cash a week! I’ve made sure I stop by the casino weekly to collect my $19. I timed this, it takes me roughly 15 minutes to go in and out which comes out toa rate of $76/hour so its worth it to me. I don’t feel bad about going in and getting the cash and not gambling, because I obviously am a regular there to get coupons for $19! Don’t worry, I haven’t had to call 1-800-Bets-off. I have gambling figured into my budget!

I had stopped and gotten my $19 this week and decided I would see if I could get my groceries on the $19 that the casino gave me.  I w as $2.89 over, not too bad considering I still had some of my $19 left from last week!

This is what I got:


6 jars Bertolli Pasta Sauce

3 crystal light

2 Mahatma Rice

4 Johnsons Buddies

Corn Pops Cereal

Rice Krispies

Total before q’s $27.08, total after q’s $13.58


3 boxes of Kashi waffles

Total before q’s $6.01, total after q’s .91


5 loaves Sara Lee Bread

4 Knorr Rice dishes

1 lunchable

1 Blue Bunny personals ice cream

1 Marcal tp

Total before q’s  $18.65 after q’s $7.40



-$19 from casino

$2.89 oop (taken from $19 from the previous week’s casino cash so $0 oop for me!!!)



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