Wal Mart Trip 5/25/09

I have been saying I’m going to go to Walmart for the last 2 weeks and just didn’t feel like battling the crowds and the store. I finally went yesterday evening and of course, right as I decided to go a big storm blew up and it was pouring rain when I left!

My total before coupons was $118.xx and after it was $46.xx. I had to have a supervisor override the transaction because the amount of coupons I used was so high.

One of the things I do is visit sites like Deal Seeking Mom where she lists the ongoing deals at Walmart and Target. I am able to match the coupons to what is on her list which is on rollback or just generally lower priced and this is a huge help.  She even has coupon matchups, so the coupon is listed with the product and which insert it was in. I organize my inserts by dates so its pretty easy for me to find which coupons are in which insert.

Here is a picture of part of my trip. I had some ice cream and  waffles that I put in the deep freeze as soon as I got home. There were also some things that needed to go to the fridge asap.



One response to “Wal Mart Trip 5/25/09

  1. You did great! I think I’m the only person in the USA who refuses to shop at walmart – so I’ll just be envious of the deals you get. haha!

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