My first experience with OAMC

I spent parts of Memorial Weekend giving OAMC (once a month cooking) a try. This was my first time doing it and I will admit I was a little unprepared. I had some other things that I wanted to get done this weekend so I really didn’t start getting into in until Saturday night.

I started by first thawing out about 8 lbs of hamburger that was in the freezer. I then set to work scouring google for everything I could about OAMC. I got a lot of good info from various sites. Some of them can be found here . That list is kind of a hodgepodge of info I kept as a running total.

I then divided out the recipes by beef and chicken. I looked for some vegetarian recipes but nothing stood out to me when I was searching. Here is a list of some of the beef recipes I made. I have to admit, I like cooking with beef more than chicken. Not sure why, just not a huge fan of handling raw chicken (not that beef is much better). Here is a list of the chicken recipes I came up with. I know its short but I plan to add to both the beef and chicken recipes as an ongoing list. I also made a list of breakfast foods just to have a list to refer to for something different.

I put my recipes on a separate google calendar found here . The link is not working and I’m not sure how I link my google calendar, any suggestions would be appreciated!

So I got up and started in the kitchen @ 8:30 on Sunday morning. I started browning hamburger for my hamburger recipes. I then turned on my computer to refer to the recipes I had saved. No internet service!!!! What!!! We had had a storm the night before and after 1.5 hours later on the phone with support, the issue (the router) was fixed. Not only did this put me in a bad mood, it was annoying! I had hamburger browning and calzones started and then had to deal with that. Oh well.

That was fixed around 11 or so and it took me until 2:30 to get everything cooked and cleaned up. Some of the hamburger was not thawed completetly for my mini meatloaf recipes so I had to make those on Monday.

My goal was to have enough meals for 6 weeks, having 6 different meals per week. I will then split the meals between lunch and dinner for the week.

What I learned from this experience

Since I am cooking for one, its easier for me to make 1 dish, such as goulash, and then divide it up. Its easier for me to do that because I can divvy it up and freeze it. Otherwise, trying to make various versions of it just doesn’t work (tried that w/ lasagna & ravioli, I didn’t end up making the ravioli). In the past, I would cook the goulash and then try to eat it all week. BORING!!! Plus by the end of the week, its no good.

This is a great way to help with portion control, all the portions are divided up for me. I know I tend to overeat when I have a huge dish of x just b/c its there and I don’t want it to go to waste.

It would probably have been easier to have the hamburger browned and the veggies cut up before I actually started cooking Sunday morning.

I should have kept a running list of recipes to try, this would have been easier than me sitting down Saturday night trying to come up with recipes.

I should confirm my internet is working before I start cooking!

Final Verdict, would I do this again?

Yes, I will. Although I was irritable and uneasy during the process (b/c of the internet issue) I was really relieved when I was done. I was happy to see a full freezer of food and have all my meals listed out on my calendar. I plan to reveiw the week on Sunday and figure out if I need to go to the grocery store for salad, fresh fruit etc…

It wasn’t exactly fun cooking that much food at once, but to me its worth it. I don’t want to spend my summer weekends cooking for the week! Another suggestion I read was now that I have my bulk cooking done, I could cook 1 meal to separate and freeze on the weekends to constantly be filling my freezer back up. I may try that, we’ll see.

Here are some photos of the experience.



Here are some freezer photos:

Before/Cleaning out


After cooking– I put all my meals in my upstairs freezer and everything extra is downstairs in the deep freezer


I know it looks out of control and unorganized but there is some order to it lol.


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