Menu Plan Monday (Yes I know its Tuesday!)


The holiday threw me off this week so I’m running late posting my MPM. I spent the last weekend doing OAMC (Once a Month Cooking). You can read about this experience here. I had some bumps along the road but it was ok!


Meatloaf, baked potatoes, peas


Calzones, Dinner Salad


Taco Rollups- Chips n Salsa


Lasagna, Dinner Salad

Tomato/Basil/Mozzarella on french bread

I promise to do better next week!


3 responses to “Menu Plan Monday (Yes I know its Tuesday!)

  1. I’m with you– just posted my MPM a day late, too! 🙂 Your menu looks like all dishes my family would enjoy- we must have similar tastes. My family’s menu for the week is up HERE.

    • thejennypincher

      OOOH thanks for the link to your blog! I subscribed via rss, can’t wait to read your updates!!! Maybe we can swap recipes, I’m always looking for something new. I feel like I make the same things over and over!

  2. Late is better than never at all (which I can say since I am late getting around to looking at people’s plans this week!)
    Sounds like a yummy week.

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