Its official. Walgreens has wore me out. And its only Tuesday!

I discovered Sunday night that I had 4-$5 register rewards that expired Wednesday. I knew I would be tired this week and I have a busy week but I could not let those rr’s expire!!!

I went Monday evening, made two trips this morning before work and one trip tonight. I’m done! and wiped out!

This is what I got:

Transaction #1

Skintimate shave gel 1.99

Scunci hair picks .99 (filler)

2-Vaseline cocoa butter lotion (the huge bottles) @4.11 each


-$1.25 vaseline lotion

-$1.25 vaseline lotion

-$.75 on skintimate

Total oop3.18

-.61 left from gift card

$2.57 oop

Earned $1 rr

Transaction #2

Skintimate shave gel $1.99

Thermacare heat wrap $6.99

2-wags paper plates @.99 each (sale)

-$5 rr

-$.75 on skintimate

-$3 on therma care

total oop $1.32 earned $1 rr. I was supposed to get a $3 rr from the thermacare but it didn’t print so the manager did a return and gave me $3.26 back in cash? Not sure why he did it that way. So total earned $4.26

Transaction #3

2 Phisoderm face wash 2/$4.99

Bayer quick release $2.49

Skintimate shave gell $1.99

2-q-tips $2 each


-$2 on phisoderm

-$2 on phisoderm

-.75 on skintimate

-.30 on qtips

-.30 on qtips

-$5 rr

total oop$3.39 earned $3.50 in rr

Transaction #4

2 toliet paper .70 ea

1 vaseline lotion $4.11

1-wags paper plates .99

-$5 rr

-$1.25 on vaseline

total oop .27

Total oop for all four transactions $7.55 and earned $8.76 back in rr and the cash that the manager gave me.

I’m done for the week!

Walgreens trips week of 5/17

Walgreens trips week of 5/17


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  1. That’s awesome!

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