My $3 shopping day

I have been meaning to get on here and write about this–I don’t know where time goes some days!!!

Last week I decided to see if I could go on a ‘free’ or nearly free shopping trip. I had a lot of coupons for free items – you know the ones meant to lure you in the store so you buy more- well not me!!! I was all about getting free things!! Here is what I got:

1. Kirklands Home – I started the trip here because I had a mirror I returned to Gordmans (previously purchased for $30.00). I saw the mirror at Kirklands after I had already been to Gordmans–ended up getting a coupon for Kirklands for 25% off. Returned the mirror to Gordmans and bought the mirror at Kirklands for $24 – ahead $6
2. Kohls – Had a $10 Kohls cash coupon from a previous shopping trip. Spent $15 at Kohls buying 3 shirts and 1 pair of pants – used the $10 coupon and $5 from my overage at Kirklands – ahead $1
3. Kmart – Had a halloween coupon for 1 free bag of candy – didnt need anything else at Kmart so i didnt buy anything! Walked out of the store paying $0 – got a $2 bag of candy
4. JCP Optical – Did a mystery shop at JCP optical – total time spent 15 min – pays $12
5. Chic-Fil-A – had a coupon for free chicken sandwich and coke – bought the fries (love their fries!) out of pocket spent $1.59 (approx value of freebies $4)
6. Victorias Secret – Had coupon for free underwear – got my free undies $8 value
7. The Limited – had coupon for $15 off $15 purchase – could not be on red line items so this was hard to find-found a pair of earrings for $16 – $15 coupon = total out of pocket $1.06

So my total spent that day was around $3.
Total amount of free items that day – around $30!!!
That doesn’t include the $12 mystery shop I did!!!

Every once in a while doing something like this can be fun!!! Its amazing what you can legitimately get for free if you only pay attention!


2 responses to “My $3 shopping day

  1. Hi Jen I’m GG from AFC and I like your site. We speak the same language.

  2. Hey Jen, Wish you were in Ohio cause I know we would have a ball shopping. My best friend and I went out last monday for our birthdays and had just about the same day. VS for the free undies, Kohls and JCP to use our $25.00 worth of birthday certificates, on to Chick Fil A for our free lunch and ending with BBW for a small freebie there. Your blog is great keep up the good work. Cheryl S from AFC

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